All About Rory Gilmore!

Above: Rory in her Chilton uniform.

Rory is, as Lorelai puts it, a "good kid." She felt sorry for her enemy, Paris Geller, when Paris' parents were going through a divorce. She also seems to understand that her mom is a little crazy.

Chilton was a big change for her, but Rory is a good student and she gets good grades. Lorelai, of course, is always willing to help her study. For a big Shakespeare test, they studied for two weeks! That's a lot of Shakespeare! Too much if you ask me!

Above: Rory studying for a Shakespeare test.

Rory broke up with Dean, which was one of the saddest things that happened on the show, besides Lorelai breaking up with Max. Now she's feeling better, especially after she told her mom exactly what happened between the two of them. Which is good.

Later, Rory got back together with Dean. They apologized for their breakup. Now they continue to test their relationship as Rory feels the need to socialize and do more extracurriculars at Chilton.

Above: Rory and Dean.

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